Our team range from experienced writers, crew, producers, casting directors to special effects masters. We have focused on insuring The Scape Ore Incident will be thought provoking, arresting and visually supreme. Please review our member below.

Jerald Garner


Jerald is the founder of Unseen Forces Productions. He has over 13 years of production experience and writing. The creator of the Shadow Universe.

Brian Dillingham
A producer whose work spans both film and
television. Credits include documentary The Great Year narrated by James Earl Jones and the feature film Spectres. CoWriter of Scape Ore Incident

Robert Murphy
Director of Photography

Robert has been shooting feature films and music videos for 15 years. Was singled out for his cinematography, from both Roger Ebert and Anthony Lane .

Nate Stifler


Robert Harden
Production Manager

Owner of the James Entertainment Group. Robert brings the logistics discipline to the team with focused control as a top notched producer.

Robert Hymers
Executive Producer

Awarded Top Financial Accountant at EY for 2 years. Founding Managing Partner of accounting and tax firm in downtown Los Angeles.

Corky Loesche

A creative-producer, Corky believes that being in the trenches, alongside your team, provides the foresight and ability to make the changes necessary to progress.

Sequels Comming Soon

The Shadow Universe is vast and will piece the true existence together in a series of mind blowing films. You will never see the world as it is now again.


Creating quality, arresting media to inspire, move and motivate – Jerald Garner/CEO

UFP was started by Jerald Garner to take partners, hard working friends, mentors and associates and marry them to produce the of quality, thought provoking, visually stimulating, arresting films and TV productions.

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Series In Development
3rd eye

A psychic finds himself in a world where paranormal events are on the rise and he is forced to aid the NSA and an organized crime boss, using his unique skills to help both opposing sides while hunting for his wife’s killer and keeping an orphanage for psychic kids afloat.