Using a multitude of factors, an investor should evaluate the potential success and ROI of The Scape Ore Incident. Factors include genre, with similar scope and Box Office, attached actors, DVD revenues and more. We seek top financial advisors and lawyers, and position the project for success.

By: Jerald Garner | May 28, 2019


Creating quality, arresting media to inspire, move and motivate – Jerald Garner/CEO

UFP was started by Jerald Garner to take partners, hard working friends, mentors and associates and marry them to produce the of quality, thought provoking, visually stimulating, arresting films and TV productions.

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3rd eye

A psychic finds himself in a world where paranormal events are on the rise and he is forced to aid the NSA and an organized crime boss, using his unique skills to help both opposing sides while hunting for his wife’s killer and keeping an orphanage for psychic kids afloat.